“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” — Warren G. Bennis

Aafiya TPA holds a legacy of 10 years in the market for providing a memorable experience to our valued members, partners & stakeholders.

A wide spectrum of our activities has grown in tandem with the rapid development & I would like to congratulate the team Aafiya for putting efforts into being resilient, focusing only on growth for the company, and engaging in building systems & platforms for improved user – experience.

I am a firm believer that there is no limit to what we can achieve with sheer dedication and determination and there is nothing that we cannot do if we want to.

Aafiya GM

Ali Zaidi

General Manager

Despite the challenges in the industry, we managed to drive a change from within and align our business with integrating them into digital platforms which were one of our key priorities. From enhancing our Aafiya mobile to developing in-house portals & systems like Pro connect & PBM systems for simplifying the journeys of partners & stakeholders.

I believe that we have come a long way towards a growth journey that we as a TPA have envisioned & would continue to work towards the same as we have been propped by our extended legacy in the TPA industry, with our market understanding, we will always be well-equipped in facing the market challenges & acclimatizing with the industry changing environment.

As we step into the new year 2023, we look forward to taking on new challenges & seizing new opportunities with the support of our members, partners & stakeholders. Together, I hope that we will continue to contribute a memorable experience.