Who we are

While the stakeholders were considering making health insurance mandatory in UAE, it was vital to support the insurance companies to manage and facilitate a smooth claim process, considering the need of the hour – Aafiya was born in 2013. Staying true to its name that signifies, ‘Good Health’, Aafiya is UAE’s one of the leading healthcare facilitators, which focuses on providing specialized services for health care management. Aafiya is a bridge that connects insurance companies, policyholders and health care providers. Our integrated services are designed with a blend of innovation and technology to help our members to have a seamless process. Whether it’s our claim management system or our customer service solutions, every service is built to view customers’ needs. Aafiya is a specialized Healthcare Management service provider, which works together with our partners to provide high-quality healthcare for our members whilst ensuring maximum results.


Why choose Aafiya?

  • We have strong networks with all leading insurance companies and medical facilities, making our reach quite deep in the industry.
  • Leveraging our partnerships, we are able to extract reasonable rates and unmatched levels of service.
  • Systematic processing: For Customers (clients) or organizations or insurance firms, we offer quick services like time taken for processing, limited paperwork, efficient validation, making the whole procedure a hassle free one. In this coming age of new media & high speed internet, we at Aafiya have launched a complete healthcare solution, located just a click away.