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New Business Models in Healthcare Insurance

The Annual Health Insurance Conference 2019 organised by Aafiya Medical Billing Services was held in Abu Dhabi, bringing together major key players of the health.

Aafiya Medical Billing Services recently gathered experts within the health insurance industry to discuss new business models to enable this significant line of business.

The Annual Health Insurance Conference 2019 organised by Aafiya Medical Billing Services was held in Abu Dhabi, bringing together major key players of the health Insurance industry. The event was aimed at creating a learning environment for new business models to enable health insurance well-equipped for the near future. The event was graced by renowned dignitaries in the health sector and brought forth many developing strategic partnerships to achieve mutual success.

The conference included several personalities from the field of healthcare. The event began with a scintillating performance by talented violinist Katrina. Ali Zaidi, general manager of Aafiya TPA services spoke about the current scenario of the UAE in the global health forum and how Aafiya has thrived within the small period of five years in the UAE. Talking about innovation, Ali Zaidi mentioned it has been an integral part of Aafiya’s core objectives in the healthcare sector.

Zaidi expressed his appreciation towards stakeholders for safeguarding their trust and confidence with Aafiya. He stated that since Aafiya’s inception and its presence in the UAE market for only about five years, the organisation had already won 14 prestigious awards for its services. Adding to that, he spoke about Dahab, a premium healthcare service that has been special and core to Aafiya’s business and has been a game-changer in the insurance industry. He expressed that Dahab should be presented as a passport to premium, value-added healthcare services which will empower people to be the masters of their health and will enhance the lives of those who want to value their time and cherish a superior quality of life. He expressed his thanks to all dignitaries present at the event and for sharing their knowledge with all the guests, which contributed to a positive outcome. Various speakers who were a part of this event presented highly relevant subjects in the current scenario of health. Amongst the speakers, Aftab Hasan, chairman of Risk Exchange (DIFC) limited and secretary general of Insurance Business Group (IBG), Dubai – UAE, presented his ideas and spoke about transforming health insurance with the help of automation and mentioned the influence of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cloud computing etc. in the healthcare sector. The next speaker, Nada Fayad, COO, Be Sure Group, spoke on the topic ‘Digital Health and its importance and impact on the health insurance and healthcare sector’

A motivational talk hosted by Dr. Smitha Prabhakar, Wellness director and initiator of several wellness programs, activities and wellness retreats at the Palm Jumeirah. Her involvement in the event resulted in creating and bringing awareness for a positive lifestyle amongst the participants for the event.

Dr. Amar Mahmood, deputy regional manager, MedImpact International, spoke on Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM). His topic ‘Controlling Escalating Drug Spend, A Path for Rational Prescribing Through PBM presented the issues and challenges relating to PBM’ and outlined several tools and analytics to help save on drug spending and provided his critical analysis on the subject matter.

The next speaker Dr. Dennis Sebastian, regional director – Health, RGA International, was also amongst the speakers from the panel and he presented his topic ‘Disruptions in HealthCare – How Ready are Health Insurers’ on disruptions in healthcare and underpinning healthcare reforms which can prove to be a positive development against the impact of such disruptions. In conclusion, the last guest speaker of the event Dr. Jayagopal Pallath, senior manager, Insurance Contract & Pricing, NMC Healthcare, presented on the topic ‘Health Insurance Market around the worldIdentifying the next opportunities for health Insurance Industry.’ He spoke about the healthcare system in developed countries and gave an overview of the healthcare systems of France, UK, USA, Germany and the UAE.

The event ended with the felicitation ceremony for the respective speakers and other distinguished guests who worked together to make the event a successful one. Aafiya in the period of five years of its existence in UAE has marked itself as the market leader and trendsetter in terms of innovation and setting high operational benchmarks in the healthcare management sector. As Aafiya is committed to achieving long-term objective of becoming a global brand in healthcare management services, it pledges to stand for the highest quality of medical administration services backed by revolutionary wellness services. Aafiya has also provided its immense support to its associated business by way of innovation and technologically advanced solutions ultimately contributing to their business growth and success.