Message from the GM

Welcome to the world of Dahab!

Dahab is an exclusive service initiated by Aafiya TPA for our premium members that aim to redefine the customer experience by providing end-to-end solutions to our members.

As we look ahead into the year 2022 - we will be putting efforts to build a strong relationship with the members and partners, by giving them the need of the hour - Comfort & Convenience.

We are also hugely investing to build strong technology capabilities in order fulfil the requirements of our members.

About Dahab

An exclusive service specially crafted for our premium members, keeping in mind the need of the hour – comfort and convenience!

Deriving from its name, ‘Dahab’ which denotes gold – we promise to deliver our services of gold standard.

Dahab brings you a perfect blend of good health and value-added benefits that is linked to the member's personalized health card.

Unlike any other regular health- care facility, with Dahab, we go a mile ahead to ensure our members are satisfied with our service. We value your health and time; therefore, every feature of Dahab is intricately crafted considering our member's needs.

What’s in for you?

Along with all the regular health care services, you will have access to the exclusive value-added services on top of your health insurance policy.

Fast track policy activation and enrolment
With our Dahab service, you can enrol and activate your policy on the very same day.

Priority Access
Get VIP services at our priority provider network.

T-10 Approvals
Experience fastest out-patient approvals with a jiff of 10 mins.

Medicine Delivery
Sit back and rest, we will get the medicines delivered at your doorsteps.

Sample Collection
We bring lab to you, get the blood investigation done at your convenience.

Seamless reimbursement process
Experience hassle-free reimbursement process of your medical expenses.