How to take care of your hair

Everyone wants perfect hair.

And, now you can have it. Here are some secrets coming from top hair stylists:

Avoid Heat Styling

Of course, there are times when you will have to use it.

But whenever you use the hot tools, always use a spray-in heat protectant. This will help keep your hair protected.

Stylists recommend steamrollers. These are gentler on the hair because the heat is created by steam, which passes through foams.

Sleep on Silk

Yes! We mean it!

Silk’s texture keeps your hair cuticle smooth, unlike cotton. This gives your hair a smooth look and discourages frizzy strands from appearing.

Listen to Your Hair

You have to start listening to your hair.

It will let you know how often you should wash it and what is working.

Experts advise that you should wash every day if you are living in a city (pollution and humidity damage your hair). But if you live in a relatively low-humid area or in a dry climate zone, you can wash your hair every few days.

For people with a combination hair (oily roots and dry ends), washing every other day works best.

Stay Loyal

When it comes to hair care, loyalty counts.

Find the product that works best for you and stick with it.

Eat Healthy, Style Better

Your hair's health depends on what you feed your body. If you eat right, your hair will show it. If you do not, your hair will show it.

A good diet that will work wonders for your hair includes omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamins.

Get Trims

Wanting long hair is no excuse for not trimming your hair. Trimming helps in preventing split ends and boosts better hair growth.

So, even if you are growing out your hair, go for trims every six to eight weeks.

Keep it Cool

Keep it cool… in the shower.

Using hot water to wash your hair will leave your hair dry, limp and take the volume out of your hair.

Instead, use warm water to rinse your hair. Washing your hair with cold water after conditioning locks the nutrients, giving your hair a good lustre.