The Most Important Nutrition Discoveries You Will Make

The diet and nutrition world perhaps receives more updates than even the technological world. One day, we are avoiding coffee for being addictive; the next day, we are going out for coffee believing we are doing right for our brains. So, what is the truth? Here are some that we think you should remember:
1. The Right Fats Can Keep You Slim: A study conducted at the University of Barcelona, Spain confirmed that some fats actually help in losing weight. This means, if a diet rich in good fat such as those in olive oil combined with exercise can help us stay healthy and in shape.
2. Honey is Not So Good After All: The simple rule is "all sugar is sugar". This was confirmed by the Journal of Nutrition which suggested that just as other sugars, honey raised blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight after consumption. We have been hearing great things about honey but it is now time to cut down its intake to moderation.
3. Go Nuts: The benefits of eating nuts are tremendous. Research shows that not only does their intake lower the risk of developing a heart disease, but there is also a 15% less chance of developing cancer. Also, nuts cut down premature death by 22%.
4. Spare Yourself From Salt: After studying the effects of a high intake of salt on human body for 25 years, a research confirmed that salt is linked with premature death. Even the smallest change in salt intake could up the risk by 12 per cent.
5. Choosing Plant Proteins over Animal Proteins: If you want to live longer, plant proteins is the way. Not only are they the basic building blocks, they supply the most essential amino acids, which are absorbed faster to ensure body functions.