Five Ways to Ease That Bloating Sensation

Bloating is a common problem and complaint but only a few people take it seriously.

For the most, it appears as innocuous but bloating is a way your gut is trying to tell you something.

But what is bloating? Well, healthcare experts define bloating as a sudden feeling of bigness in your abdomen. Quite often, it is accompanied with gas. And whenever people meet doctors, they are diagnosed with IBS. So, how what to do if you want to prevent bloating?

Here is a quick guide:

1. Find what foods are causing bloating
You should absolutely keep a food journal.
A journal helps you note down all symptoms that follow and in that way, you can find out what foods are causing your bloating.
Sugar, gluten and dairy are some of the most common culprits. So you might want to avoid them in future.

2. Eat the better foods
There are some excellent foods that help reduce bloating.
Strawberries are great for bloating that happens with water retention. You can also try sipping green tea, asparagus, and dandelion roots, which are great to relieving bloating.

3. Find out whether you have any deficiencies
If you experience bloating, flatulence and gas within 30 minutes of your meal (sometimes lasting up to three hours), it is an indication that your body is not producing enough digestive enzymes.
In this case, you will have to take in supplements before your meals to alleviate the symptoms.

4. Get your stomach checked
Low stomach acid can cause bloating followed by an acid reflux; this is especially true when you have had a high protein meal.
It is best to add a supplement to your diet that will help your stomach produce more acid—a hydrochloric acid supplement works best.

5. Add probiotics
You need to rebalance your gut.
This means you need to add probiotic-rich foods such as sauerkraut or other supplements that can keep your gut happy.
Make sure you stick to it for at least three months.