Five Things to Do When Your Healthy Goals Haven't Worked Before

Not that, goals haven't been set before but life happens and we end up making choices that we regret later.

For instance, we want to eat healthy-a perfectly healthy diet that includes big changes in the eating habits.

A day or two goes by and suddenly we are back to square one.

So how do we keep the commitment to a better and healthy diet?

Research shows that "baby steps" apply equally to healthy eating goals. You start small and then move to the next big step.

First Step: More Water

The step is the most precarious one.

Here you start with drinking more water and natural fruit juices instead of sodas and carbonated drinks.

Better yet, make your own drinks. Add few mint leaves in water or keep some herbal teas prepared in advanced. Instead of that morning run to your neighbourhood Starbucks, you can make your own lattes (with fresh and natural ingredients).

Second Step: Real Food

Make the conscious choice to eat real food.

By that, we mean, food that is cooked. Yes, we hear you—life is busy and processed foods and takeouts are readily available.

But remember, fast food is exactly that. Fast and low quality. And, you deserve better.

Commit to spending some time each day to prepare and eat real food.

Third Step: Healthy Breakfast

Do you remember, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"?

It still holds true.

Each day, make a healthy breakfast including oatmeal, yoghurt, eggs and fruits. These are some of the simplest options but give you enough energy to keep up with your schedule.

Step Four: Meal Plans

Yes! Planning your meal is perhaps the most important kind of planning you can do.

It takes hardly 30 minutes (in a week!) and makes sure that you stick to your healthy eating goals.

Make a list for each day of the week and each meal for the day.

Vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and proteins should absolutely be on the planner.

And, don’t forget to add some snacks for those short hunger pangs. Put down chopped vegetables (fresh), fruits, whole-grain bread, seeds, nuts, and boiled eggs.

Step Five: Right Choices

When you are out, become a "classy eater".

Keep in mind that you CAN say 'no' to processed and junk foods.

May the force be with you!