Is your body giving you a health related indication?

You must have heard that our body is a temple.
It requires a good and nutritious diet. More importantly, so it deserves nutrition, care and love. When it lacks these, it shows signs and symptoms. Here are five indications that you will come across when your body is trying to communicate with you:
1. Hair Fall
Hair fall is the result of less intake of iron. Iron plays a pivotal role in our body because it produces red blood cells that are responsible for carrying rich oxygen.
Adding green vegetables and pulses to the diet can reduce the problem of hair fall.

2. Unpleasant Odour from the Mouth
Unpleasant odour from the mouth is the result of a metabolic process known as ketosis. When the body lacks glucose for energy, it burns stored fat, which results in the building of ketones. These ketones become part of the breath, which results in an unpleasant odour.

3. Constipation
Inadequate drinking of water results in constipation.
Having food with fibre in it and drinking of adequate water is important for bowel movements in a proper way. It is recommended to add whole grains, nuts and fibre rich food in the diet

4. Cracks in the Corners of the mouth
Iron deficiency and a deficiency in essential vitamins can lead to cracks and cuts in the corners of the mouth. Additionally, many bacterial and fungal infections also lead to cuts and cracks at the corners of the mouth.
Topical application of petroleum jelly can help heal the cracks. However, adding essential vitamin supplements is the only way to allow the body to build its natural abilities.

5. Unhealthy Skin
A person's skin says a lot about a person's health.
A diet that lacks nutrition can lead to acne and pimples.
The skin can also develop white patches owing to a calcium deficiency. The way to reduce this is to add in nutrition in the form of supplements or a dietary change.
In addition, make sure that you exercise regularly to make the body’s response better.