Always Tired? Five Ways to Get Your Energy Back

Exhausted. Tired. Are these words common in your vocabulary?
You might be one among the many who are struggling with fatigue. Here are some ways to build your energy back:
1. Get a Health Check-up
Fatigue is a symptom attached to illnesses including thyroid disease, diabetes, anaemia, sleep apnoea, heart disease, and arthritis. If you are taking medications for blood pressure, diuretics, or antihistamines, you are also likely to feel fatigue. Get a medical consultation with your doctor.
2. Get Regular Exercise
Regular exercise is known to boost energy. Physical activity is particularly helpful for the efficiency of the heart, muscles, and lungs. You can also try yoga because yoga poses help in energy, confidence, and clear-mindedness.
3. Increase Your Water Intake
Dehydration is one of the common causes of energy loss and impairment in physical performance. Research has shown that athletes lose their physical efficiency in a dehydrated state. In addition, dehydration is also linked to decreased concentration and alertness. One way to check whether your water intake is sufficient is to check the colour of your urine. It should be straw or pale yellow in colour. If not, you need to increase your water intake.
4. Get More Sleep
Lack of sleep causes daytime fatigue, impaired attention, and poor alertness. Research shows that people who missed on a good night-time sleep are more tired and show poor learning ability and performance. If you cannot increase your sleep hours, try improving the quality of the sleep you get. More importantly, respect your body’s circadian rhythms.
5. Eat More Often
It is advised that small meals throughout the day help in preserving the energy. The blood sugar levels remain balanced thereby improving the quality of your day. Switch to whole foods and increase your omega-3 oils to feel more vigour and energy. However, avoid refined products and processed foods.