5 Ways to Hormonal Health (without Hormone Therapy)

If you struggle with the following symptoms, chances are that you might be dealing with hormonal imbalance in your body.
a. Acne
b. Brain fog
c. PMS
d. Bloating
e. Insomnia
f. Moodiness
g. Fatigue

Hormonal imbalance is difficult to treat in Western medicine so much so that there is no proven solution or medical diagnosis. Instead, most people who have been able to treat their hormonal imbalances rely on trial and errors to reach their own version of the treatment.
1. Stay away from hormone therapies and artificial hormones.
Research indicates that hormone therapy is linked to cancer. This holds true for both hormonal IUDs and low-dose hormone birth control. So if you are considering such a therapy, go for it only as a last resort.

2. Keep away from sugar.
Consider sugar as a hormone bomb. It keeps ticking meanwhile making less effective the important hormones in the body including leptin, insulin, and ghrelin. If you are regularly taking sugar, hormones responsible for keeping your blood sugar, hunger, and weight in check go haywire. These hormones are also responsible for your body's metabolism and for burning fat, your menstrual cycles, and your energy levels. The more sugar you take chronically, the more your endocrinal system gets affected.

3. Take more cruciferous vegetables
Vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli and kale are known to flush out excess hormones from your body. They have bioactive compounds that help in hormone health and improve the gut microbiome. However, start slow and then begin consuming up to three cups of these vegetables each day.

4. Take care of your gut
Your gut health is essential for hormonal balance in the body. Try to remove any antibiotic or antibacterial products that you may be using. Instead, build your gut microbiome and allow it to regulate the body's hormones.

5. Take adaptogens

Maca root, ashwagandha and Rhodiola are effective, strong and potent adaptogens that help your hormone health. You can take 300-600 mg of ashwagandha or 200 mg of Rhodiola. Get them from a good source and talk to your physician before starting the course.
Allow three cycles to start seeing results.