Doctors see spike in viral infection, due to unstable weather conditions

People of UAE should watch out for viral infections that cause high fever, cough and cold, said health experts. Approximately 50 percent of the patients who report to their doctors are suffering from viral infections out of which 5-6 cases are of influenza and this is happening because of the changing weather conditions which activates from seasonal virus strains.

During the winter months variety of seasonal viruses are active and around us that can get easily even to a healthiest individual. It can be easily transmitted through body contacts like handshake, touching tabletops, doorknobs, enclosed spaces like rooms, offices, schools etc. Most commonly it can be transmitted through air, it becomes airborne when someone sneezes, cough without covering their mouth with handkerchief or a tissue. The droplets transfer the infection to others through the air.

The symptoms of viral fever are very typical one can start with feverishness, soar throat, cold-cough, headache and then turning into a full-fledged viral attack. To prevent from the viral attack specialist suggests being extra vigilant and take preventive steps like

  • Avoiding crowded areas
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Using Hand Sanitizers
  • Taking 8 hours of sleep to make immune system strong
  • If feeling feverish consult, a doctor immediately to get prescribed medicine

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