The Benefits of using a Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the essential ingredients of one’s oral hygiene kit. Although it is not a substitute for flossing or brushing, it is one of the most important items that offers additional oral protection. Depending upon a host of ingredients, the mouthwash has a number of benefits. Ingredients, such as alcohol, chlorhexidine, menthol, methyl salicylate, fluoride, antibacterial enzymes, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, zinc chloride along with natural ingredients and herbs help in maintaining the oral health.

Mainly, there are two types of mouthwashes, Cosmetic and Therapeutic. The prime function of the cosmetic ones is to freshen up the breath and eliminate the possibility of any potential oral disease whereas the therapeutic mouthwashes are used to help in cure certain oral problems. The ingredients are selected based on its category and function.

However, in most mouthwash alcohol is one of the basic ingredients that is not only antiseptic but also provides an acidic base for the mouthwash that is essential to kill germs. Fluoride on the other hand, prevents tooth decay and presence of chlorhexidine in the mouthwash helps in eliminating the possibility of gum diseases. Another element that is highly used in different hygiene products is Hydrogen peroxide which produces a mild bleaching effect, thus giving you white teeth. Herbs and essential oils add a freshening effect.

Though there are many benefits of using a mouthwash, let us mention some

  • Reduces tartar and plaque formation
  • Diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease are prevented
  • Kills bacteria and prevents cavities or decay
  • Prevents bad breath due to oral hygiene or oral disease.

You might be wondering, which one should you choose? Well it entirely depends on your dentist who would prescribe the best product based on his examination.

In general, mouthwash is recommended to be used after brushing and flossing. Rinse your mouth with a capful of the mouthwash liquid. Keep it in your mouth for about half a minute and spit it out. That’s it. Easy to use and effective in giving you a complete oral hygiene.

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