Easily Available Natural Remedies to Beat Sunburns

One of the most common skin problems occurring during the Summers is Sunburn. It is the result of over exposure to the sun. Basically, it is the UV rays from the sun that cause irritation to the human skin. Mild sunburn includes skin turning red that is generally accompanied by pain, followed by skin peeling off within 4-7 days. However, severe sunburn or popularly known as sun poisoning can cause serious health issues and result into a number of ailments.

In most cases, blistering, dehydration, infection etc. are observed. If you are sunburned, it is highly recommended that you avoid going out in the sun until the burn fades. Meanwhile, take prescribed medicines, drink lots of water and liquids such as sports drinks, juice etc. and stay hydrated. However, here are some natural remedies that offer relief during sunburn.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is scientifically known to have been effective in treating sunburns. It contains a compound named polysaccharide that acts as sealant for the wound and speeds up the healing process. Moreover, the liquid that comes out of the aloe turns into gel and offers relief to the stretched skin caused by sunburn.


It is one of the most commonly found household food item. Not only it is known for its taste it is highly known for its medicinal properties too. It is a matter of fact that the use of honey as a medicinal item can be traced back to the times of Pharaohs. Just like Aloe Vera gel, honey too offers relief from stretched skin caused by sunburn. Scientific studies have shown that it may work better than some antibiotic creams and help in speeding up the healing process and prove to be effective in reducing infections.

Green Tea

The goodness of green tea doesn’t need to be mentioned. It is well-known for its pro-health qualities but the presence of catechins and theobromine make green tea one of the most effective remedy for sunburn. Catechins and theobromine effectively support healing and help in easing discomfort.

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