Five Tips to Beat Your Sugar Cravings this Festive Season

The end of the year is upon us!

And with that the festivities and the sugary foods. It is hard to resist the sweet tooth but if that is something on your mind, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods contain natural sugars and these are good. What you are really avoiding is “added sugar”. You can switch to fruits, yoghurt or perhaps even some almonds and pecans rather than an energy bar.

2. Practice Portion Control

If done right, this really works. And, remember the rule sugar craves more sugar. Post-meal cravings are a perfect example. So from now on whenever you are indulging in sugary foods (read: cake) measure them out before your meal. This measured portion is all you get when you have a craving. You can wrap individual chocolate squares and carry them one day at a time to work.

3. Indulge in a Dessert

How so? Whenever your brain is craving for sugar, it will cause you to go on a sugar binge.

The trick is to save the sugar for the dessert. Complement this with a good protein meal. With no sugar in your meal, your brain would not crave for it.

4. Eat Mineral-Rich Foods

Foods rich in minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and chromium are known to contribute to better heart health, stronger bones, and regulating blood pressure. So this New Year, maybe you can start snacking on seeds, brown rice, dark leafy veggies, quinoa, and some fine Brazil nuts.

5. Take in Slow

We understand it is difficult to get your sweet tooth under control. So don’t rush.

Start with baby steps.

Don’t remove all sugary foods at once. It can seriously trigger your body’s cravings. Start with foods you really feel bad about. And then replace it with a healthier alternative. Once you have accomplished this, you will know when to move on to the next challenge.

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